Oregon’s Budget Crisis: Do You Know What’s at Stake?

Over the coming months, we’ll all hear a lot of talk about Oregon’s budget crisis.

We’re facing a $3.5 billion deficit in funding for schools, senior services, healthcare and public safety, which will mean deep cuts to critical services that affect every Oregonian. The people who rely on critical services—seniors, children, working families—are most at risk in this crisis, and so are the men and women who provide those services.

In order to protect the things we care about as Oregonians, we will need to set the right priorities.

We’ve launched a new resource, OregonBudgetPriorities.org, as the first step in making sure Oregon’s priorities are protected. Do you know what services are on the chopping block? How these cuts will affect your family, your school, or your community?

You can search by topic area to find out what could be cut, and also explore some of the more than $30 billion Oregon gives away in tax breaks every year. We’ve also calculated many of the job losses that budget cuts will bring, as well as the hundreds of millions in Federal funds we stand to lose. Check out OregonBudgetPriorities.org.

What are your priorities for the Oregon budget? We want to hear and feature your stories about how these budget cuts could affect you. Visit http://www.oregonbudgetpriorities.org/your-stories.html to share your story with us.

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Welcome to Our Oregon!

It’s clear that Oregon is facing a nearly unprecedented set of challenges.

We’re in the midst of an ongoing budget crisis (thanks a lot, Wall Street!) that is hurting our schools, critical services, and vital jobs. The political environment is threatening the progressive gains that countless organizations and individuals have fought for in recent years. And the greed of large banks and credit card companies is squeezing families and small business owners more and more each year.

But whenever we’ve faced tough challenges before, Oregonians have come together to stand up for what’s right—to protect our priorities and our values and our communities. And that’s exactly what we need to do now.

Since 2005, Our Oregon has brought organizations and individuals together to work as a coalition, accomplishing together what couldn’t be done alone. With this new website (and our new blog, The Sockeye), we’ll be bringing you news and information about critical issues facing the state, from the budget crisis to environmental protection to marriage equality—and everywhere else in between. And we’ll let you know how to get involved, so you can join the fight.

Here’s what you will find on the new OurOregon.org:

Priorities—This is where you will find information, research materials, and news clips on issues that our coalition partners are working on.

The Sockeye Blog—Our take on the events that are affecting the state, with a healthy pinch of snark. It’s also the place to get a daily list of news clips from around the state on important issues—all in one convenient location!

Initiative Integrity—Find out what ballot initiatives are circulating on the street, what they could mean for the state, and who the folks are behind the worst initiatives (hello, Bill Sizemore!).

Featured Action—Want to get involved with something important? Here’s where we’ll feature ways to turn words into action.

Oh, and make sure you sign up for our email list, so we can keep you updated on issues as they break.

Thanks again for visiting. Feel free to drop us a line at info at ouroregon dot org if you feel like chattin’.

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