Dear KATU News: Your Likebait Posts Are Seriously Terrible

Over at KATU News, someone on staff has clearly gotten the memo from corporate about needing to increase their Facebook engagement. They’re now reaching awful new lows in their quest to get clicks at any cost. I mean, there’s Likebait… and then there’s bottom-feeding exploitation just to up your engagement score.

Get a look at just two of their Facebook posts over the past couple of days:

KATU Like Bait

KATU Like Bait

┬áReaching people on social media is clearly important–but can we at least all agree that exploiting tragedies and disasters isn’t exactly the most appropriate way to get likes?

Here’s a sampling of the responses KATU got on their post about the tragic plane crash:

“If I lost a loved one in such a tragedy and saw a News page using that tragedy to get Likes, I’d be beyond furious AND heartbroken. Shameful posting.”

“Well, time to unlike this page. Using a tragedy to get Facebook likes is shameful. Screw you guys, I’m going to KGW.”

“How will clicking like do anything but address a sensationalist ‘breaking’ blurb on Facebook.”

This certainly isn’t the first time KATU has been caught trolling their followers. See “KATU’s Epi Anti-Obama Facebook Fail.”

2 Responses to “Dear KATU News: Your Likebait Posts Are Seriously Terrible”

  1. Patrick Story

    Ya, KATU has the worst news culture in town. And of course on corporate media today “news” generally means infotainment. A well-known KATU newsreader recently even plugged her own charity on the air! Also, remember the first night of Occupy Portland? KATU newsreaders were visibly angry that the cops didn’t resort to violence right away against occupiers. There’s probably disgusting video of that somewhere.

  2. Connie

    As much as I would like to point a finger at one station and narrow down the “awfulness” they all play the sensational slanted news game. Most of the news is day old rehash, tabloid quality and quite frankly leading and leaning to the right. I would have like to say leaning to either right or left, but so many questions are left unanswered or issues tainted with the “Fox” dye that we seldom watch more than the weather. And even the weather is becoming tainted with advertising like so and so is going on tonight or with banners so big and obtrusive you can’t actually see the maps. We even have one weather man, knowledgable as he is who is so enamored with himself, I guess that he needs to stand in front of the 7 day screen rather than let the viewers see it. The comment of our times is “there’s an app for that” and certainly that makes reading the news and weather more appealing than turning on the TV. (PS I am not referring to the TV station apps that mirror the programs either).

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