What If Your Income Grew As Fast As the 1 Percent’s?

Holy smokes! Mother Jones generated an actual calculator to provide some context on the income inequality that’s been growing in America over the last several decades. I plugged in $40K (which is about the median Oregon income) and found that if all workers’ incomes had grown at the same rate as the top 1%, the median Oregon income would be $122K!

average oregonian


According to Mother Jones, those at the very top have seen their income increase by 270% over the past 50 years. The rest of us? Just 22%. I played around with the calculator, testing out all sorts of scenarios. Another interesting finding: If today’s minimum wage earners had enjoyed the same rate of growth as the top 1%, they’d be making around $22/hr today. 

Hop over to Mother Jones to read the article and test out the calculator. And please SHARE!

3 Responses to “What If Your Income Grew As Fast As the 1 Percent’s?”

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