The Spam King For Governor?

It looks like Rep. Dennis Richardson (R-Central Point) is running for governor in 2014.

You probably know Richardson from the massive political spam emails he sends out on a regular basis to (at minimum) a half million Oregonians, whose email addresses he obtained through public records requests of state agencies. Spam King Dennis RichardsonThis violation of Oregonian’s private information was not only an outrageous invasion of privacy, but also an abuse of state resources and tax dollars.

Months ago, Richardson launched an online survey that reads an awful lot like he’s been building support for a statewide run. In his emails, he bills it as a way to tell him about your legislative priorities, but once you open it, the page is titled “Connect to Support Dennis Richardson!

The fact that he’s surreptitiously collected so many email addresses from people around the state—the vast majority of whom do not live in his House District—has led people to believe that he’s been planning something for a while.

So, what might a Richardson campaign look like?

A Gun In Every Backpack. In December, following the tragic shooting in Newtown, Conn., Richardson gained national notoriety by claiming that the massacre could have been stopped by arming school personnel. But why stop there? Why not arm the kids too?

Statewide Email Registry. It’s inconvenient and time-consuming for Rep. Richardson to have to get your email address by going through a public records request. Instead, he’ll create a statewide registry for email addresses. If you want to vote, go to school, get a driver’s license (unless you’re an undocumented resident), etc., you’ll have to fork over your email address to Richardson first.

World Class Constituent Services. Richardson has a long reputation for being genial and responsive to the concerns of constituents. For example, this is the stock response he sent out to people who contacted him with concerns about his massive spam email campaign:

Do you realize that you are not in my district and cannot vote for me.  If my motives were political, I would not waste my time contacting those who cannot vote in my district.  For just a moment stop and consider that I may be sending this information to you for the benefit of informing Oregonians about what is taking place in our state.

Your email address will be deleted, and it will be your loss not mine.  Too bad your skepticism overpowers your ability to accept information from one who offers it for free and expecting nothing in return.

Best wishes and good bye, Dennis R.

This is exactly the kind of classy statesmanship we can probably expect from Richardson in a statewide campaign.

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10 Responses to “The Spam King For Governor?”

  1. J. J.

    This is bullshit, thanks. I get Rep. Richardson’s emails because I REQUESTED them. He obviously has his head screwed on straight, which you just as obviously do not. Rep. Richardson is EXACTLY the kind of leader I am looking for and I am thrilled to hear he has decided to run. We need an infusion of sanity in Oregon, which we have not had for some time. Progressivism? As Margaret Thatcher said, “Eventually you run out of other people’s money” [honey].

    • Anonymous

      Not bullshit, thanks. He sends emails to state workers. They did not request his emails. He can be what you are looking for, and that’s OK. It just motivates the rest of us to work at not having him elected. Thanks for the heads up.

    • Regis64

      And yet one of Thatcher’s first acts as education minister (1971) was to end universal free milk for school children. That took some courage, right?

  2. steve adams

    JJ As a past Educator the Honorable Mr Richardson dishonors all of those teachers who laid down their lives protecting their children. Something we try not to think about but are all too aware is a possibility in this gun crazy country. Sanity is not a term in Mr Richardson’s vocab I’m afraid

  3. matthew

    Funny if an our oregon ultra backed liberal did this we wouldnt hear any complaining from our oregon about.

  4. Anonymous

    I get his emails and have responded, asking him to put forth a detailed plan for getting rid of Cover Oregon and what he has in mind to replace it with. All he can provide so is political jargon and rhetoric, no plan. Nothing. No solution except “vote for me, I’m good.” I would be happy to vote for any candidate who has a plan, a detailed plan to make things better, but Mr. Richardson evidently has none. All I read is the usual political bullshit.

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