86.7% of Legislative Districts Can’t Be Wrong

Last fall, voters across the state said YES to reforming the corporate kicker tax refund and putting those funds into K-12 classrooms.

Don't Let The Corporate Kicker Kick
Measure 85 passed by an astonishing 20-point margin, by 60% to 40%. There are very few issues in Oregon on which the consensus is this unambiguous. Corporate kicker reform passed in more than 85% of the legislative districts in the state.

Measure 85 goes into effect for the 2013-15 budget cycle—the one legislators are currently working on. But because corporate profits have skyrocketed to all-time highs, it’s very likely that corporations—mostly big, out-of-state corporations—will get a kicker refund this year of millions of dollars.

It’s just plain common sense: Legislators should uphold the will of the voters and vote to put the corporate kicker refund into K-12 schools now.

Tell your legislators now to honor the election results and put the corporate kicker into our K-12 schools now.

2 Responses to “86.7% of Legislative Districts Can’t Be Wrong”

  1. Sandra Roth

    It is time to put our tax dollars where they belong, as Oregon voters have plainly directed, to educate our children, not to add to the profits of corporations!

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