MEDIA WATCH: What headlines reveal

Given the plummeting level of nuance in the headlines on the Oregonian‘s front page, coupled with their naked antagonism toward working people, I was frankly astonished to see the O‘s front page headline this morning on unionizing efforts at Precision Castparts:

Oregonian Headline

“Precision workers seek voice”

What a welcome change of pace! (Although I’m not deluding myself into thinking this is a sign of better things to come from our state’s newspaper of record.)

Then, I caught the Portland Business Journal‘s take:

PBJ Headline

“Could a union hamper Precision Castparts’ financials?”

Man, now THAT is how you cattle-prod an ideological agenda into a headline. Create a bogus supposition (with no basis in fact) and then stick a question mark at the end so that you can’t possibly be accused of trying to push an agenda. “Hey, don’t get mad at us. We’re just asking a question.”

But here’s where they take it to the next level: The PBJ’s entire article says that, no, a union would not hamper Precision Castparts’ financials.

From the article:

At first glance, efforts to unionize Precision Castparts Corp.’s Portland plants don’t seem to faze analysts covering the aerospace company.

Analysts said a pro-union vote may not affect financial performance measurably.

“My sense would be that it’s sort of the normal course of business,” said Neal Dihora of Morningstar.

Dihora hadn’t heard of the effort to unionize, but said that Wall Street tends to assume ongoing increases in labor costs.

“It just doesn’t seem like something that would enter into the materiality segment,” he said.

So a business reporter works on a story, finds that allowing Precision Castparts employees to unionize would have no affect on their financial well-being… and then they top with a headline that suggests the exact opposite.

5 Responses to “MEDIA WATCH: What headlines reveal”

  1. votingin2013

    I work for Precision Castparts. So far that is the only argument against a union by the company is that it will increase costs.
    However we are doing record sales record production at cetera, but the company in the last year has altered three major benefit plans on us.
    There are both sides to every coin however

  2. patricia

    All I got to say is they’ve had several yrs. Of us complaining from safety issues to overtime to pushing us until someone gets hurt but bonuses and privileges get less and less what are we suppose to do? What would you do?

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