The O Blows A Gasket

PBA board member and Oregonian publisher N. Christian Anderson III

PBA board member and Oregonian publisher N. Christian Anderson III

This morning, the right-wing activists at the Oregonian Editorial Board threw a tantrum about the initiative petitions we filed last week to raise taxes on very large corporations in order to fund our schools and priority services. It’s not exactly a surprise, given that Oregonian publisher N. Christian Anderson III is an active board member of the Portland Business Alliance, and the newspaper itself is a “Medallion Level” investor in the PBA.

What it means is that we’re clearly on the right track. The O has gone apoplectic trying to protect ridiculously low taxes for giant corporations. The paper has been on the wrong side of nearly every issue that’s mattered to their readers–and to Oregonians in general–for years, especially since Anderson and his hand-picked editorial page editor, Erik Lukens, took over.

So how’s that working out for them? Oh, right:

Oregonian Circulation

7 Responses to “The O Blows A Gasket”

  1. Lake Oswego Concerned Reisident

    Every time I think I’m going to get my “Oregonian” Subscription back – they launch with more reason’s not to. I’m part of that 150,000 person exodus (just last year – after the “support a capital gains tax cuts” editorial. And I won’t “be back” to “grab a pen” to sign up for this fish-wrapper anytime soon. What a sad state of affairs for our progressive region. I wonder when the Koch Bros with take over this rag.

  2. stephanie hampton

    The O was such a great paper years ago. So angry that–when we need good reporting–we get this.
    What I see happening to our Media is disgusting.The “AP” story about Our Oregon’s initiative was biased, quoting someone who called this civic engagement “noise”.
    MSNBC recently totally “updated” Newsvine–a great site with wonderful exposure–which rendered it unusable. No one liked it; their numbers are waaay down; but they have accomplished their goal of silencing the popular voice. I think they could care less if they run the paper into the ground and lose money if it accomplishes this goal. Controlling the message is paramount.

  3. Oregongrown

    I think The Oregonian newspaper offers excellent reporting and am so grateful for the their reporting on the PERS problem. Since our own government will not give us the transparency we were promised, we would no know nothing if not for The Oregonian.

    I would also point out that the graphic in this article would apply to every single newspaper in the country given the Internet availability. That technology has made it easy for millions of people to read the paper on line and forgo the paper version. But you already knew that.

  4. Steve Allen

    Big business is important to the economy and jobs, but it needs to pay its way. It shouldn’t be penalized for being big, but it shouldn’t get a free ride either. Flat tax for everyone, including corporations!

  5. Lynne, Troutdale, OR

    Very much want to support Oregongrown’s comment, and add that the O is really helping out with coverage of the battle to provide mental health care & coverage of the Portland Police Bureau’s thug culture.

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