You Decide: Which Budget is Best for Oregon?

You Make the Call: Funding Oregon’s Priorities

Right now, Oregon legislators are in Salem deciding how to fund our schools, senior care, and basic services for the next two years.

They need your help.oregonbudgetprioritiesemail

At, we set up an online tool that allows you to pick the budget that you think is best for Oregon—and then email it directly to your legislators. 

How do you think we should fund the things that matter to every Oregonian? What should our priorities be? Should we pass a budget that means another two years of teacher layoffs, overcrowded classrooms, and cuts to seniors? Or a budget that begins investing in our future?

With just a couple of clicks, you can choose the budget that you think is best, and then tell your legislators exactly what they should do.

Go to now to help shape Oregon’s future.

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    • Anonymous

      No, too many who can afford to give no more have already given too much. Time for those who can most afford it to pay their fair share and stop getting out of their obligations!

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