The Idahoan — err, I mean Oregonian

The Oregonian loves Idaho. Like, really loves Idaho.

If you hopped onto the Oregonian’s political page recently, here is the type of news articles you would have found on our state’s eponymous news site:


Ummm…. not a single piece of news about Oregon goings-on. In the Oregonian. But a lot about Washington, and particularly a lot about Idaho.

That’s weird. Why the love affair with Idaho?

Well, for one, posting stories from a wire service is probably a lot cheaper than hiring reporters. But it also gives the conservative leaders of the Oregonian–particularly publisher N. Christian Anderson III–a chance to post some right-wing political news.

After all, Idaho is a Republican stronghold. Both legislative chambers are controlled by Republicans–by astonishing margins–and the governor is a Republican. In short, Idaho is the kind of place Anderson wishes Oregon was.

We posted a screengrab of the Oregonian‘s political page to Twitter and lo and behold what unfolded:

Christian Gaston, Oregonian reporter responded:

Idahoian pt 1

Kari Chisolm, of Blue Oregon and Media Mandate, did a little analysis:

Idahoian pt 3

We weren’t imagining things. The Idaho content on the Oregonian‘s political page (and #OregonianPol Twitter feed) increased by five times in the past five months.

Alexandra Manzano, Oregonian‘s social media editor responded:

…Part of this change has to do with the Idaho legislature being in session starting Jan. 7 – thus more political news coming from the lovely state.

Nonetheless, we are convinced. I have manipulated our @OregonianPol feed to exclude Idaho news… I think. You’ll have to let me know what you think now. Also, in the newsroom we’re considering more carefully what Idaho news we post to the site. Thanks for your feedback.

And, finally, the Idahoan shared:

Idahoian pt 4

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