Today’s Clips: February 13, 2013

It’s Wednesday! A coalition of 10 organizations released a report yesterday identifying $278 million in state government savings that can be used to limit cuts to basic services like schools, health care, and public safety programs. (see clips below)

A survey shows that northwest executives expect higher revenues in the coming year, but few expect to hire more employees.

Willamette Week runs a feature on David Douglas High School.

Interest groups in Oregon press for improved government efficiency
AP via Oregonian
“Several interest organizations want Oregon to do a better job collecting taxes, and they’re calling on the Legislature to beef up enforcement. The recommendation was one of several in a report on government efficiency released Tuesday by public employee unions, the AARP, the Oregon Student Association and a number of other organizations, most of them liberal interest groups. They want to free up more money for their priorities, including schools, health care and long-term care for seniors. The organizations say also recommend cutting funding for supplies and contract services in state agencies, and cutting deeper into middle management.”

Unions propose state budget cuts of $278 million
Statesman Journal
“A coalition of unions and other public-sector groups released a report Tuesday suggesting state government could save $278 million over the next biennium by making a series of spending cuts. The group said savings could come from three sources: • $66 million by further reducing the number of managers and supervisors in state government, a process that began in 2011 ; • $111 by cutting every department’s “services and supplies” budget by 10 percent; • $101 million by collecting more unpaid income taxes. “This is low-hanging fruit. These are all things that can be done now, or at least the process can be started,” Our Oregon Communications Director Scott Moore said.”

Coalition wants to cut manager positions in Oregon University System
Statesman Journal
“The coalition of unions and other groups who presented a proposal to cut $278 million from the state budget this morning said in its report that the Oregon University System needs to cut managers, just as the rest of state government has. The only catch: No one knows how many managers the OUS has. Two years ago, the Service Employees International Union Local 503 set out to figure out the universities’ manager-to-staff ratios. The same year, state government adopted a mandate to have an average ratio of 1-to-11 in all departments.”

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